Welcome, Parents, to the 2023-24 Hurricane Football Season!


We are looking forward to another exciting football season!  At Klein Cain, football is a family.  It takes everyone in the family doing their part to help our program run successfully. Students are expected to work hard during practice and games, and parents are expected to support them. Volunteering is just one of the many ways we show support to our athletes.


If everyone in our Hurricane family steps in and does a little, no one has to do a lot!  Volunteering not only benefits our players and team, but it can also be a very rewarding personal experience.  It truly is a way to show your student that you support them and their interests, make new friends, and help contribute to the success of our wonderful football program.


Many times volunteer lists can seem overwhelming or intimidating.  People are scared to sign up for things when they aren’t exactly sure what they are signing up for. To help ease this stress, we wanted to outline a brief description of the duties that each game day volunteer position will entail.  In addition to these descriptions, all volunteer positions that require the use of equipment (press box, etc.) will receive training, either via video or in person, before you volunteer. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to do something; we’ll teach you!  We are here to help everyone feel comfortable becoming an active contributor to our football family’s success!


Game Day Volunteer Opportunities:


Announcer – This person will be on the PA system. They will read various scripted messages, make play calls, announce downs, and announce the score.


Spotter – The spotter is the announcer’s right hand. They sit in the press box with binoculars and help serve as an extra set of eyes.  The spotter helps the announcer identify players and calls on the field.


Time Clock – This person is responsible for running the clock and taking signals from the refs on the field. This position requires some knowledge of the game. To get a better idea of the knowledge required to run the time clock, you can view tYouTubeTube video.


On-Field Photographer – This person helps capture memories for the program and our students. Volunteer Photographers should use a good-quality camera to capture action and still photos during the game.  Photos should then be uploaded to our Smugmug page for others to access.   Here is a link to our past years’ photos to give you an idea of the types of photos we are looking for.


Spirit Sales – Everyone wants a chance to show their team spirit by sporting our Hurricane swag.  This wouldn’t be possible without our Spirit Sales Volunteers.  Spirit Sales Volunteers will help display spirit wear items, gather requested sizes, and process sales by either collecting cash or card payments.  Don’t worry about having to remember a ton (prices, how to work the card machine, etc.); there will always be a board member present at spirit sales booths to help with those details!  *Spirit sales are a major fundraiser for the booster club to raise funds for items such as a running hill, equipment for the team, playbook software, Gatorade and snacks for all players, uniform replacements, and much more.


Again, it takes everyone in our football family doing their part to make our team successful. Please look at the volunteer opportunities for this season and sign below.  If you have questions about any of the volunteer opportunities, feel free to reach out!


Remember, for your athlete to be eligible for the KCFBC Scholarship, families must volunteer twice every season they are at Klein Cain.


Please login/register to view volunteer opportunities and check back often for new opportunities.


To log your hours, go here.